Bookmark Options

The bookmark editor allows you to quickly find back registry keys and values which are often accessed. This page lets you control the behavior of bookmarks in Registrar.

Display bookmark descriptions in registry views
If this box has been selected, registry key descriptions will be displayed visible in main registry views.

Enable support for bookmark categories
If this box is not checked, you will not be able to create or view bookmarks in other categories than the main category.

When adding a key to bookmarks, open bookmark editor
If this box is checked you will automatically be taken to the bookmark editor when bookmarking a registry key from a registry editing window. Otherwise, the bookmark will be added but the registry editing window will remain visible.

Remember last accessed bookmark
If this is enabled, Registrar will remember the last accessed bookmark in the editor the next time you start the software.

Bookmark button on toolbar bookmarks current key or value
If this box is selected, the registry key or value which is currently selected in the registry editor will become bookmarked when clicking the Bookmark tool button or pressing Ctrl-B. Otherwise, only the bookmark editor will be displayed without having the last accessed registry key or value become bookmarked.

Expand all categories at startup
Check this box if you want to find all categories expanded when opening the bookmark editor.

Display colored bookmarks with bold fonts in editor
If this box is checked, colored bookmarks will also be displayed with bold fonts in registry editing windows.

Add account name descriptions for user SIDs
If this box is checked, registry keys representing SIDs will receive a description which reflects their account name. SIDs are identifiers which are used to uniquely identify users and groups..

Display class names and descriptions related to CLSIDs
If this box is checked, registry keys related to a CLSID will now display automatically have a description generated for them. This option may reduce performance a bit.

Convert Regedit favorites
Pressing this button will convert any existing Regedit registry favorites to Registrar bookmarks.

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