Windows device drivers, file system filters and system applications

At Resplendence we design, develop, test and support advanced custom applications and kernel drivers for Microsoft Windows. We are experienced engineers with a strong background in system development.

We are specialized in the following areas:

  • Design and development of system applications, services and kernel drivers
  • Design and development of file system filter drivers
  • Design and development of drivers for various hardware devices
  • Porting existing drivers to Windows 10
  • Porting existing 32 bit drivers to 64 bit architectures
  • Code reviews, testing, debugging, verification and qualification of existing drivers

    We help you to plan and manage your product by eliminating as many uncertain factors as possible. In many cases we will be able make agreements based on a fixed price and we are ready to give certain quality assurances. We deliver high quality software for a very reasonable price.

    Drivers are not a necessary evil

    A lot of hardware companies consider drivers a necessary evil, something to be developed at the end of a project. The result is a product that fails to perform in the marketplace and a cascading series of problems that can tie up company resources long after a product is launched.


    Customers don't care if their problem is a driver bug or a hardware problem: all they see is a product that doesn't perform, one that caused a blue screen of death, a system lockup or a boot failure. And they will let everyone know it too. Don't waste your hardware engineering effort - let us do your drivers. We know drivers, and our drivers work right the first time. We can help your company succeed.

    Code Reviews

    Did a key developer leave your project? Are you stuck in your development? Do you have an unexplainable bug in your driver? Do you need a pair of well trained eyes to take a look at your code? We have over ten years of experience in Windows kernel engineering and over twenty years of C development experience. We know the pitfalls. We know the interfaces. We know the Windows Driver Kit and we know the Windows kernel.

    A few hours of our efforts will save you time - weeks or months of time, regardless of the function of your code. We know Windows drivers, and finding flaws and hunting bugs is one of our specialties.

    No controversial or half-baked solutions

    You won't be able to hire us to develop a controversial or half-baked solution for you. Our drivers won't fail with the next service pack or visit to the Windows Update website.

    We keep our reviews honest: if we see a flaw in an existing project or design, we will let you know. We don't see any benefit in failure, and we won't waste your money or our time on a project that won't work. We work for results and our agreements reflect this: if we don't deliver, we don't bill. It's that simple.

    We take quality seriously

    We at Resplendence see code quality as a first principal. Get in touch with us by using our contact form or give us a call. We are here to help.

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