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Latest version: 3.00

Undeluxe is an advanced file protection and recovery utility for Windows. This program could be described as an undelete utility. It works similar to the standard recycle bin which is part of Windows Explorer but will catch files deleted by any application. Deleted files will be protected in a separate directory of your choice. Files which have been accidentially deleted can be recovered with just a single click.

It offers a rich set of features which allow you to fine tune the bevavior of deleted files. File inclusion and exclusion filters and advanced maintenance settings will even allow you to use this program as a backup utility. Undeluxe will also protect files deleted on remote network drives.

Protects your data

Files deleted under any circumstance by any application will become protected automatically by Undeluxe so that you can recover them later if desired.

Powerful yet simple and straightforward

Files deleted by any application will instead be saved into a protected files directory of your choice. File names are kept intact but the name of the responsible application and a timestamp will be append. This way all information about a deleted file can be read from its name without requiring cryptic decodations or maintenance of opaque index files in the protected files folder. Also this naming convention allows you to save multiple versions of the same file.

Extremely flexible and configurable

By setting inclusion and exclusion filters you can decide exactly what files should be protected by Undeluxe. These filters can be configured with wild card characters. Also you can set other criteria such as minimum and maximum file sizes to decide if files should become protected or just deleted. The protected files directory in which deleted files are stored can be set to a name of your choice. You can configure the maximum size of the protected files directory depending on various criteria and decide how maintenance should take place.

Very lightweight, virtually no impact and clean software

Undeluxe comes as a lightweight file system filter which intercepts file deletes which does not make use of any undocumented techniques or hacks. There is no need to keep any application running for Undeluxe to remain active. This product will not slow down your computer and have virtually no impact on the performance of your system. Also Undeluxe does not interfere with the Windows shell, change the standard Windows Recycle Bin or offer any unnecessary features which could clutter your computer.

Uses advanced and reliable minifilter technology

Unlike the standard Windows recycle bin, Undeluxe is implemented as a filter at the file system level. Source code of its core component has been made available as a means to guarantee quality.

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