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I am upgrading from a previous version. Should I uninstall the old version first ?
It's not necessary. But you can uninstall Registrar Registry Manager by opening the Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove programs.

Can I run Registrar from a network location or USB drive without prior intstallation ?
Yes, Registrar Registry Manager is portable. The installation process is only for your convenience. After you have installed the software once you can use the files installed to your program files directory and run them on any computer without the need for installation. Some features such as shell integration will not be automatically enabled but can be activated from the Advanced Options menu.

I would like to export an entire rootkey or hive to a REG file. Why is the export option greyed out ?
REG files should not be used for the purpose of registry backups. That is because REG files do not include security information such as ACLs and ownership information. and REG files also include volatile registry keys. Reimporting such a registry file would render your system unusable as the Windows operating system might consider this to be a form of tampering. Note that while the export of a REG file is in progress, the registry database is not locked up which would mean you create a registry backup which represents an inconsistent state as transactions are taking place concurrently. Bottom line: do not use REG files for large hives or for the purpose of registry backup. Use the backup/restore tool instead.

I am performing a registry backup and my system appears locked up. How should I react ?
While a registry backup takes place, the system may appear locked up. This is because the registry database needs to be locked to guarantee a consistent state, which means that it is not possible to backup the registry while transactions are going on concurrently. Because many programs make use of the Windows registry in one way or another, your system apepars to be non responsive. Please wait until the registry backup process completes. The amount of time required for a registry backup depends on the size of the registry and the amount of software installed. This will take at least several minutes even on the fastest systems and may take much more time on systems with a lot of software installed, so please be patient.

I am performing a registry backup or saving a key to a hive file and I receive the message ERROR_INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES, while I have enough memory and everything. Why's that ?
There is a bug hidden deep in the configuration manager of the Windows kernel. The bug has existed at least since Windows NT 3.50. The NtSaveKey function can unexpectedly fail for unknown reasons and returns ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES. One of the problems that makes it very difficult to exactly pinpoint the cause of the bug in the operating system is the fact that Microsoft used ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES as a generic error return code for any possible error that might occur. Unfortunately, there is no solution. We suggest that you reboot your system and try again.

Does this program support command-line options to perform registry operations ? Yes, if you run the PRO version, a separate command line edition of the program with a wealth of options is included.

Does this program have a read-only option so I can browse safely without making any changes to the registry ? Yes, select Tools->Options from the main menu and check the box 'Read-only mode'.

When I search the registry, Registrar appears to be hanging. What can be the cause and how to solve it ?
Click here.

Can I use this program to modify registry configurations or backups on disk ?
Yes, you can open registry hive files for editing like those which make up the NT registry configuration like the files which make up your systems registry. Also, registry backups made by Registrar or hive files saved by regedt32.exe can just be opened for editing using Registrar Registry Manager.

How can I repair an offline broken Windows configuration ?
Locate the files which make up the systems registry, these are normally located in the %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\config directory. Open the files for editing by selecting File -> Open for Editing from the main menu. Note that large registry hive files may take some time to be processed to be opened for editing by Registrar. Make the necessary changes. When you close the editing window, you will be prompted to save the changes you made.

Why does this program not have indicators to distinguish the dangerous registry keys from regular keys ?
We suggest that extreme care should always be taken when operating the registry. We do not believe it is possible to easily make a distinction between dangerous and 'safe' keys.

Why do some registry keys display a key image ? These are system critical keys which are normally only accessible from the System account.

I am performing a search on the entire registry. Why only HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS get searched and not the other rootkeys ?
All other registry rootkeys (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT etc) are actually subkeys of either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_USERS. This means that if all rootkeys would get searched, matches would be reported multiple times.

I notice that every time I open a registry key for editing, new keys are created and my registry seems to be growing
When using the feature to edit registry files on disk, temporary registry space is used to store the contents of the file. The temporary registry keys that will be created for this purpose are volatile which means that they will automatically get deleted the next time the system is rebooted.

I am a registered customer and lost my username and password. What should I do ?
You can retrieve your password here:

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