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Professional Edition

The professional edition of WhoCrashed offers the following additional features:

  • License not limited to use at home only
  • Crash dump analysis on remote computers on the network
  • Crash dump analysis of a local dump directory of your choice
  • More detailed and helpful analysis of crash dumps
  • Detailed dump information views
  • Uptime reports
  • Kernel stack traces with symbol resolution
  • Viewing list of loaded modules at the time of a crash dump
  • Symbol server and local symbol store support
  • Sorting on columns in information views
  • Options to fine tune the behavior of WhoCrashed
  • Command-line options allowing you to perform analysis from batch scripts

    For more information on the professional version, check out the screen shots.

    WhoCrashed documentation and articles

    · Introduction

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    · Professional Edition

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    · General Recommendations and Tips

    · Unexpected Resets and Shutdowns

    · Enabling Crash Dumps

    · If Crash Dumps are not written out

    · Thermal Issues

    · Memory Corruption

    · Symbol Resolution

    · Using Driver Verifier

    · Remote System Configuration

    · Crash Dump Test

    · Tools

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