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WhoCrashed Help

Welcome to WhoCrashed

WhoCrashed is a comprehensible crash dump analyzer. It analyzes the system crashes of your computer or a remote computer on the network.

If your computer has displayed a blue (or black) screen of death or rebooted suddenly then your system may have crashed because of a malfunctioning device driver or because of a hardware failure. WhoCrashed will go to great lengths to help you find the root cause of the problem and a solution if available. It will analyze the crash dump files on your system or a system on the network with the single click of a button. In case the problem is caused by a malfunctioning driver, it will tell you what drivers are likely to be responsible for crashing your computer. In case of a hardware failure, it will tell you the most likely root cause and how to fix the problem.

When the analysis process is completed, WhoCrashed will write a report that offers suggestions on how to proceed in any situation, including internet links which will help you further troubleshoot any detected problems.

In the past, most system crashes were caused by malfunctioning drivers. Because of driver quality enforcements, nowadays more systems are crashing because of a hardware failure such as memory corruption or an overheated system. WhoCrashed will do great efforts to find out why your system crashed and what can be done to remedy the problem.

How to use WhoCrashed

It's assumed you have already downloaded and installed WhoCrashed. Run WhoCrashed and click the Analyze button and follow the instructions in the report view.

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