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WhoCrashed FAQ

The application that I was running suddenly crashed but WhoCrashed tells me nothing about it

WhoCrashed does not report application crashes but only reports system crashes such as sudden resets and blue screens of death.

I clicked the Analyze button but nothing seems to happen, what is wrong ?

Please scroll down the page using the arrows or scrollbar to read the rest of the report.

I clicked the Analyze button and I receive a 'file access denied' error, what is wrong ?

Please make sure you are logged on with administrator privileges.

Crash dumps are enabled on my computer. My computer crashed, but it tells me there are no dump files. What could be wrong ?

Check out the following article: If crashdumps are not written out.

Why some options are not available or greyed out in the home edition ?

These features have been disabled in the home edition and are only available in the pro edition.

What is the difference between the home and the pro version ?

Check out the following page: WhoCrashed Professional.

WhoCrashed documentation and articles

 · Introduction
 · Supported Operating Systems
 · Professional Edition
 · What's new in v6 ?
 · Upgrade Policy
 · FAQ
 · Using WhoCrashed
 · Troubleshooting tips and general recommendations
 · Unexpected resets and shut dows
 · Enabling Crash Dumps
 · If crash dumps are not written out
 · Thermal Issues
 · Symbol Resolution
 · Using Driver Verifier
 · Remote System Configuration
 · Crash Dump Test
 · Advanced Options

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