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What's new ?

The following changes were made to Undeluxe 3.00 since last version

Bug fixed: only one instance allowed

Multiple instances of Undeluxe could be started. This has been fixed.

Security updates

Directory security settings would not be copied to protected folders. This would mean that if Undeluxe was used by multiple users on the same system, they could see each others protected files. Now an option has been added that allows the administrator to decide if this is desired or not.

Updated list of default file exclusions

Several paths have been added to the default list of file exclusion folders to prevent the protect files folder growing unnecesarily big.

Option to start automatically did not work on Windows 10

The option to start Undeluxe automatically on login did not work on Windows 10. This has been fixed.

Unspecified changes

Several minor changes and corrections have been applied to the software which are not being specified.

This section describes what has changed in Undeluxe 2.00 since version 1.03

Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server

This version of Undeluxe supports Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server.

Bug fixed: automatically load Undeluxe at boot time

The option to automatically load Undeluxe during boot was not working properly. This has been fixed.

Bug fixed: protected files explorer could become unworkably slow

A problem has been fixed with the protected files explorer. When lots of files were displayed, it was becoming very difficult or impossible to select items or work with the view.

Bug fixed: minimum and maximum of protected file bin sizes in percentage could be set to unreasonable values

When the limits of the protected files folder were set specifying a percentage of the total disk size, it was possible to set these to unreasonable values. This has been fixed.

Several minor fixes and improvements

Sever minor fixes and improvements have been applied to the product.

This section describes what has changed in Undeluxe 1.03 since version 1.02

Minimum and maximum file sizes bug fixed

The minimum and maximum file size values exchanges values in case a minimum is specified that is higher than the maximum. However a special case of zero for maximum file size was not taken into consideration. This has been fixed.

Some settings were not saved and restored

Certain settings in the user interface including the volumes to be protected were not properly saved and restored between sessions.

New option: remove from taskbar

An option has been added which allows removing Undeluxe icon from the taskbar in case a tray icon is visible.

This section describes what has changed in Undeluxe 1.02 since its initial release

Recovery of files could fail with very long path names

In case the target directory of a file to be recovered did not already exist, the Protected Files Explorer could fail to recover files when the name of target directory contained a very long name. This has been fixed.

Help pages would not always show up properly

When clicking the Help button or selecting Help from the main menu, help would not always pop up. This has been fixed.

Select all (Ctrl-A) shortcut added

A shortcut key has been added to the Protected Files Explorer to allow selecting all listed files in the view at once.

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