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What does Undeluxe do ?
Undeluxe is a file protection and recovery utility. It could be described as a classic style undelete utility which, when activated, will move all files deleted by you or any program into its own recycle bin. It offers a lot of advantages over the standard Windows Recycle Bin.

Does Undeluxe protect files deleted by other programs than Windows Explorer ?
Yes, unlike the standard Windows Recycle Bin, Undeluxe will protect files deleted by any application which may be Microsoft Word, your favorite text editor, a command prompt or any program really.

Does Undeluxe work on network shares and remote drives ?
Yes, unlike the standard Windows Recycle Bin, Undeluxe will also protect files which are deleted from network shares.

On what file systems does Undeluxe work ?
Undeluxe works on NTFS, FAT32 and FAT16 file systems. Undeluxe is not guaranteed to work on any other type of file system.

Can I choose what files Undeluxe should protect ?
Yes, you can exactly configure what files Undeluxe should protect using inclusion and exclusion filters. By default it will protect all files except those excluded but you can completely configure this behavior.

Will Undeluxe work together with the Windows Recycle Bin ?
Yes. Undeluxe can coexist with the Windows Recycle Bin or any other well-written undelete software without any problems. By default it will not protect files which have been emptied from the standard Windows Recycle Bin but you can alter this behavior by changing the file exclude filters. Undeluxe interfers in no way with the recycle bin or the Windows shell. If files are deleted permanently from Explorer, they will become protected by Undeluxe depending on your settings.

Where will protected files be stored ?
Protected files will be stored in its own protected files folder, a special directory for which you can even choose a name yourself. This directory will be created in the root of every volume on which you activate Undeluxe. By default this directory is named _UNDELUXE_.

For how long will protected files be stored ?
By default, protected files will be deleted after ten days but you can completely configure and fine tune the maintenance behavior of protected files for each volume.

Does Undeluxe store log or index files ?
No, Undeluxe does not create any type of log or index file. The folder in which protected files are store will only contain deleted files.

Can I recover or undelete protected files which were deleted when Undeluxe was not running ?
No, if will only protect files if it is running. Therefore you should make sure that Undeluxe is always activated.

How do I recover or undelete protected files ?
Run the Protected Files Explorer which will allow you to browse, open and recover deleted files..

What is the performance impact of Undeluxe ?
Undeluxe is very lightweight. We have done everything possible to make this software as lightweight as possible. When a file is deleted, only its file name information will be changed so that it resides in a different directory after deletion. No copying is done which would have a significant performance impact. Undeluxe consumes little memory and we have done everything to make this software as straightforward as possible.

On what versions of Windows does this program run ?
Check the list of supported operating systems.

I am upgrading from a previous version. Do I need to uninstall the old version first ?
Yes, you can uninstall Undeluxe by opening the Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove programs. If you install a new version on top of the old one, the software will get listed multiple times in the Add/Remove programs applet.

Can I run Undeluxe from a network location or USB drive without prior intstallation ?
Yes, Undeluxe is portable. The installation process is only for your convenience. After you have installed the software once you can use the files installed to your program files directory and run them on any computer without the need for installation. Some features such as shell integration will not be automatically enabled but can be activated from the Advanced Options menu.

Does this program support any command-line options ? Yes, if you run the PRO version command line options are supported.

I am deleting protected files with standard Explorer, when I try to delete a file I get a message that the file name is too long, what to do ?
Explorer only supports file names up to several hundred characters while the file system supports file names of up to thousands of characters. Use the Protected Files Explorer to delete files manually or otherwise use a command prompt (CMD.EXE) or a file manager that supports longer file names.

I am a registered customer and lost my username and password. What should I do ?
You can retrieve your password from the following webpage:

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