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Customer Testimonials

This page displays an extraction of happy customer replies that we received.  If you have any experience either good or bad that you wish to share with others about Registrar, send us an email about it and we will publish it here,  provided that you use decent language.

"YOUR REGISTRAR IS THE ONLY REGISTRY EDITOR I LET ANYBODY IN MY COMPANY USE -- CUSTOMERS ARE ADVISED LIKEWISE.  One major thing is that it is so easy to search and find things that aren't easily spotted in RegEdit -- such as text in binary values. As an example, we make a product called ViewComm. Searching for "ViewComm" with all the options checked in Registrar finds two keys that RegEdit does not. It so happens that if one gets a bogus install of our product that "goes bad" or is uninstalled, there are a few registry entries that uninstall does not catch. I tell people to use your stuff.  The search feature alone is more than worth the cost, and the software is robust and extremely easy to  use for something that is really complex to build. They did a great job on the user interface too. Thanks for the great software."
Don Killen, Principal
sysFire LLC

"First, allow me to say that I have been a registry hacker since Windows 3.0 and have used many registry editing utilities. Resplendent Registrar is by  far without a doubt the absolute best utility of them all. Excellent job, excellent product to say the least!Thanks again for a superior product."
Dale K. Albright

"...this program has been a life-saver 3 or 4 times!"
Richard Stamm
Chief Technology Officer

"Well, this is just the best reg editor around, hands down...been with this programer since day 1 almost, so we have been thru alot as far as testing and testing and testing this product. I may have been a real pain in the butt at times, asking as many Q's as I did then, but when it comes right down to it, this prog is the first that goes on my windows comanader toolbar. So dont just pass this link by....download this program...you will never look back....I know...I have them all....and thats a fact!"
Richard Parker
Information Services Manager
Real-Time Automation Manager

"I just wanted to thank and congratulate you for such a great improvement in Resplendent Registrar. A lot faster and new features, I am very happy working with it. Thanks."
Gustavo Sanchez

"This has been a REALLY GREAT product! Thanks much for value received."
Bob Wright

"I find the registry tool to be one of the best registry tools I have ever used. You have my sincere appreciation the effort it has taken you to write this."
Doc Lee

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for Registrar Lite. It allowed me to fix registry errors (after installing XP SP2) that the XP regedt32 couldn't even display properly! Now I can see all of my devices once again in Device Manager (they had ALL vanished).  I have just ordered the full version of your product to show my appreciation."
Dave Long

"Excellent...Thank you for the quick response! An excellent product!!
Your software is "promoted" by the National White Collar Crime Center...you may really want to consider promoting this in a forensic  sense as well...I use your software to process "bad guys" registries with much success....an essential tool in my forensic toolbox."
Peter M Gessford
Unit 10 Patrol Division
CyberCrime Unit
Perry Township Police Department

"I had endless problems deleting some keys in the registry and tried no less than 7 registry utilities to fix the problem with no luck.  At last I came across your product and I was able to delete the key without any problems.
Great product!!"

Walter Badenhorst
IT National First Level Support - Telkom SA

"Resplendent Registrar - a *good* use of 40 Euros, I think! *Many* thanks for providing a tool which allows surgical and precise fixing of a system  which is basically OK but with a crucial registry value or two misset, instead of requiring the Windows default response of "well, just reinstall  the OS and all the apps, you've got a few days free, haven't you?..."
Stefek Zaba

"First of all, thank you for the splendid bookmarks feature! It really  offers a great way to document features of the various keys and values in  the registry ... We might consider using Registrar as a standard tool for both our customer  department and software developer."
Project Engineer, R&D

"I'd like to thank you for your free Registrar Lite. It works very well and is much better than Microsoft's Regedit!"

"Your software worked a treat, and I just wanted to let you know that."

"Thanks for the speedy reply! I just downloaded and installed the latest update, and it took care of the problem. Thanks for the information and the great product!"

"... By the way, this product is fantastic."

"thank you for very powerfull program!"

"BTW you have a great product- I've been using the trial version to tweak a clean install of WinXP, MS Office and a ton of other software - It's made my life so much easier to be able to do a 10 second search instead of going through the registry one key at a time.; ; Thanks"

"I use Resplendent Registrar almost daily. It is the best registry tool I have found. Keep up the good work!"

"Just wanted to say that due to my drive letters changing (I won't go into details, but it involved a complete restore and  reconfiguration), and I needed a way to change all instances of 'E:\' to 'C:\' in the registry, there were several hundred of these.  I found your Free download of Registrar Lite, after a google search. It was about the sixth I tried, all the others were nothing but  hassle, yours worked first time, superbly. I will be coming back and almost certainly buying something, I am always on the look for good  tools and you seem to be a company worth recommending. Congratulations on a great product, you really should sell it, a  token fee would soon accumulate and I will certainly be recommending you to the only computer magazine I now bother to read (PCPRO).  Thank you for saving me several miserable days with regedit,"

"Hello, just wanted to thank you very much for the great tool!"

"Thank you for you reply. Also, so that's there's no misunderstanding as  to where we stand. I want you, and your team, to know that we think your  products are absolutely amazing. You all put out a wonderful product  and follow it up by equally great customer support."

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