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Professional Edition

The professional edition of Registrar offers all the great features of Registrar Home Edition plus those listed below. For an in-depth overview of all differences between the professional and the home edition, check here.

Licensed for use in commercial environments

The professional version of Registrar comes with a license that is not limited to use at home.

Command Line Edition included

Registrar Professional comes with an advanced command line edition which allows you to schedule registry jobs on your network.

Separate 32-bit and 64-bit editions

The professional edition comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. On a x64 version of Windows, the 64-bit edition offers significant performance improvements as well as other advantages.

Remote Registry Editing

Open remote registry windows of remote computers on your network and administer them from one central place. You can have as many remote registry windows open and use an explorer-style interface to manage them.

Registry file editing

Open registry files on disk and open them in a separate editing window as if it were your local registry.

Repair offline broken registries

Open the registry hive files that make up the registry of an offline system. This feature has been a life-saver for many administrators who managed to recover broken and unbootable systems.

Include and Exclude filters on all registry views

Quickly find the information you are looking for in registry views if the amount of information is overwhelming by using non-destructive include and exclude filterw. This feature is similar to the search feature of Windows Explorer.

Advanced Registry Search Features

Search the registry for text, binary data or regular expressions. Use value size, value type and and last write time range filters to narrow your search. Replace, rename, delete and export matches from the search results view.

Advanced Registry Monitoring Features

Monitor the registry for activity by the system and applications. Use advanced filters to limit the monitoring to certain processes and certain actions only.

Configurable layout and optional tabbed interface

With the pro version of Registrar you can choose between a classic multiple document interface or tabbed windows.

Configurable display options

The pro version allows you to choose your own fonts and offers a range of configurable display options.

Sorting on columns

The pro version allows you to alfabetically sort columns of information by clicking on the column header.

No nag screens

The pro version will not present you with the Home Edition reminders.

Much more...

Check out the feature comparision chart for detailed information about the differences between the Home and Professional Edition.

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