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CPU Speed

The clock speed of your main processor is displayed in the status panel. The status panel displays values for the current, minimum, maximum and average clock speed in MHz. On most systems, the clock speed of your CPU may change because of power saving options such as Intel Speedstep and power configuration options in the operating system.

Because of power saving options and features, it's common that your processor runs below its advertised clock speed when it's idle. However, if your system runs at reduced clock speed for an extended period of time, especially when it has work to do, it's a sign that your processor is being throttled down because it runs at a high temperature. Check out your CPUs temperature which is also measured by WhySoSlow.

Changing CPU power settings

To access the power configuration on your system, click the Tools tab and then select Power Configuration. Your BIOS/CMOS setup program may offer options to change the power settings of your CPU as well.

WhySoSlow Help Topics


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Using WhySoSlow

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