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What's new ?

The following changes were made to WhySoSlow 1.51 since previous version 1.50

Bug Fixed: when clicking Analyze, an error message could be displayed

After clicking the Analyze button, an error message could be displayed annd the report would not get created. This has been fixed.

Windows 10 version number displayed

When running on Windows 10, the Windows build number is now displayed along with the version number.

Unspecified updates and changes

Several minor updates and changes have been applied to the software which are not specified.

The following changes were made to WhySoSlow 1.50 since since previous version 1.00

Bug Fixed: WhySoSlow could produce error message and stop working

Because of a bug, WhySoSlow could throw an error message or stop working without any notice. This has been fixed.

Bug Fixed: hard pagefaults not traced to process

In certain cases, hard pagefaults could not be traced back to the process in which they occurred. This has been fixed.

Hard pagefault measurings incorrect

On the latest versions of Windows 10, the number of hard pagefaults per second could be misreported. This has been fixed.

No window displayed when application is starting up minimized

When starting up the software in a minimized state, the main application would be visible which would then disappear. This has been fixed.

Option added: temperature offset

An option has been added to adjust the displayed CPU temperature for those who run a CPU with a max operating temperature which is not common, in case this is not automatically detected by the software.

Application log now written to application data folder

The application log that the software writes out has been moved from the application folder to the application data folder. Although the application requests elevated privileges, this appeared to cause problems on certain systems.

Unspecified updates and changes

Certain changes have been applied to the software which are not being specified.

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