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LatencyMon FAQ

Does this program run on Windows XP ?
No, LatencyMon requires Windows Vista or later.

Will there ever be a version that runs on Windows XP ?
No, LatencyMon relies on ETW kernel logger information which is only available on Windows Vista and higher.

When I run the program, I receive an error message that a procedure entry point has not been found in a module.
This probably means you run LatencyMon on an older OS version. LatencyMon requires Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server or Windows 7.

LatencyMon seems to cause a latency spike at startup or when I click the Start button.
The software does a CPU measure check to see if a system is severely throttled back because of variable CPU speed settings and possibly thermal issues. Because DPC and ISR latencies might otherwise influence the outcome, this needs to take place at a high IRQL which means most of the interrupts temporarily disabled. This spike will not get reported by LatencyMon itself.
If this is problematic for some reason and you need to get rid of this spike, you should disable the check box "Perform CPU Speed sanity check" in the options dialog.

LatencyMon is executing a lot of DPCs. These seem to influence reported values such as "total time spent in DPCs". What can I do to prevent this ?
Disable the following three options in the options menu:
Measure latency by means of a kernel timer
Measure SMI and CPU stalls
Perform CPU speed sanity check

Should I run my audio software while LatencyMon is testing my system ?
In general, no. In particular, the interrupt to process latency that the software measures already simulates the workings of an entire audio process. You should run most tests without running any other software in the background. Running your audio software together with LatencyMon only makes sense if you wish to measure hard pagefaults of the audio process.

When I click the Start button, the program does not respond and appears to hang
Check your antivirus software for a popup message which prompts to disable or continue running LatencyMon.

I clicked the Start button. After some time, LatencyMon stopped analyzing by itself
LatencyMon will stop if it can not keep up with the amount of events it receives and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results. If you wish to continue when this happens, disable the option Stop Monitors when Event Buffers are lost in the options menu.

I have a latency problem. But when I run LatencyMon, my problem seems to magically disappear
We do not believe that the functionality of LatencyMon is directly related to this and what is observed is a side effect of something else. Check this artice related to CPU power management issues.

NOTE: we also have a FAQ for audio developers here.

LatencyMon documentation and articles

 · Introduction
 · Supported Operating Systems
 · Professional Edition
 · What's new ?
 · FAQ
 · How to use LatencyMon
 · CPU Power Management issues
 · Interrupt to user process latencies
 · In Depth Latency Tests
 · SMIs and CPU stalls
 · Technical information

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