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Professional Edition

The professional edition of WhoCrashed offers the following additional features:

  • License not limited to use at home only
  • Crash dump analysis on remote computers on the network
  • Crash dump analysis of a local dump directory of your choice
  • More detailed analysis of crash dumps
  • Detailed dump information views
  • Uptime reports
  • Kernel stack traces with symbol resolution
  • Viewing list of loaded modules at the time of a crash dump
  • Symbol server and local symbol store support
  • Sorting on columns in information views
  • Options to fine tune the behavior of WhoCrashed

    For more information on the professional version, check out the screen shots.

    WhoCrashed documentation and articles

      Supported Operating Systems
      Professional Edition
      What's new in v 5.50 ?
      Upgrade Policy
      Using WhoCrashed
      Troubleshooting tips and general recommendations
      Unexpected resets and shut dows
      Enabling Crash Dumps
      If crash dumps are not written out
      Thermal Issues
      Symbol Resolution
      Using Driver Verifier
      Remote System Configuration
      Crash Dump Test
      Advanced Options

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