Registrar Command Line Edition

Main Features

  • Create, copy, move, rename, delete registry keys
  • Search registries for text strings and optionally replace found data, values and keys
  • Registry backup and restore, also stores security information
  • Retrieve detailed registry key and value information
  • Compare the contents of two registry keys
  • Import and export of Regedit compatible registration files
  • Loading and saving of REGEDT32 compatible registry hive files
  • Edit permissions, auditing and ownership editing on registry keys
  • Copy registry security information among keys
  • Almost all functionality available on remote systems as well as on the local machine
  • Straightforward command-line interface, no need to learn complicated scripts or programming interfaces
  • Flexible parameters can be specified in any order
  • Get useful errorlevel information and text output on all operations which allow conditional batch processing
  • Ability to run in a scheduled batch environment using the Windows Scheduled Tasks

    Note: Registrar Command Line edition is included with Registrar Registry Manager.

    Find out more about Registrar Registry Manager here.

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