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What's new in v 3.00

The following changes were made to MultiMon since previous version 2.50

Support for Windows 10

MultiMon now supports Windows 10 as well as latest Windows server operating systems.

Functionality removed that was not sustainable

Several of the monitoring features of MultiMon that were only available on the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows have been removed. The reason is that the techniques used to achieve them are not sustainable in the future because of Microsoft security features such as patch protection. If you wish to make use of a DeviceIoControl or File API monitor, it's suggested that you run MultiMon v2.50 on a 32-bit system.

Include and Exclude filters

MultiMon now offers non-destructive include and exclude filters on all monitoring views. This allows you to quickly find matching information.

Bug fixed: MultiMon could crash

We discovered that MultiMon could crash a system and cause a BSOD, at least while running under Driver Verifier. This problem has been fixed.

Bugs fixed

Several other (non-fatal) bugs have been fixed.

Unspecified changes and improvements and updated documentation

Several changes and improvements have been applied to the software that are not being specified. The documentation has been updated.

The following changes were made to MultiMon since previous version 2.01.

Support for Windows 7 and latest Service Packs

MultiMon now supports all versions of Windows 7 and the latest service packs for Windows Vista and Windows 2008 Server.

More detailed output

Some monitors display more detailed information on certain actionss.

Several bug fixes

Several minor bugs have been fixed.

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