Resplendent Resolver (outdated)

Note: sales and development of this product have been discontinued and  support has been limited. The reason for this is that new compatibility features in the latest operating systems  have made this product obsolete. The latest version of Resplendent Resolver will remain available for download as a free product.

Magically get your incompatible programs to work on Windows XP,2000 and NT by taking them up the garden path !  Lie to incompatible programs about your Operating System, CD-Rom and disk drives, screen resolution, memory status, installed processors,  volume serial numbers, current date and time and more to get around the protection which certain programmers build into their software. 

Many programmers build in protections into their programs which prevents their software to run on unrecognized (future) systems just to ensure that all runs well.

Does it not disappoint you when you spend lots of time staying up to date with the latest updates and service packs, get the latest release of a program  and receive the following message when you try to install it:
"Windows NT Service Pack 4 is required"

Or when you just bought a new CD-Rom, copied it to hard disk and realized that it only works from CD because of built-in protection and you get the message: 
"Please insert the CD with serial number 02C4:78C0 into your CD-Rom drive"

Or when you finally insert it and you get the message:
"This program requires a screen resolution of 800 x 600 with 256 colors."

Or when you install a new 80GB harddrive in your system and realize that many older applications do not install anymore because your disk free space is misreported.  Many installation programs just use 32 bits to store the total or free space. which will support drives of up to 2 or 4 GB.

Now solve these, and many other problems by deceiving your applications with Resplendent Resolver to enforce compatibility. Resplendent Resolver offers functionality similar to the programs APCOMPAT.EXE and MKCOMPAT.EXE which are distributed by Microsoft.

However note that Resplendent Resolver can remove built-in software protections but cannot get software to work which does not run on your operating system for principle reasons.

Main Features

Lie about the Operating System that you are running. 
Often software has built-in protection that allows it only to run on certain versions (or even service packs) of Windows just because they have not been tested while newer versions are not yet available. Now you can just run or install that application by telling your program you are running a particular version of Windows.

  • Lie about your drive types
    Often software requires you to be running the software from CD or does not allow running from network drives, or the software even requires it to be run from a drive with a specific serial number. Now you can just run the progam from the disk that YOU want.

  • Lie about your free disk space
    Many older applications just use a single 32 bit a value to store the total amount of free disk space. Programmers know that this means that such programs misreport on drives larger than 2 or 4GB. Now you just make your program think there is just enough free disk space so that you can run your older application from your 30GB harddisk.

  • Lie about your memory.
    Misreport programs on the total and available amount of physical and virtual memory to solve compatibility problems.

  • Lie about your screen resolution
    How frustrating it is when you get the message "this program requires a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels and 256 colors"
    Now just lie and make the program shut up about the screen resolution and run it.

  • Lie about your processors
    Many programs require (often without a valid reason) that you run the program on a system with a certain type of processor (Pentium, 486) withtout supporting the latest type of available processors. Now enforce compatibility by telling lies about your processor and even the amount of processors installed in the system.

  • Lie about the current date time
    This functionality solves many date and time related problems with applications, including year 2000 problems. And without the need to change the system clock !

  • Easy step-by-step interface
    Get your programs to work with just a few mouse click with this easy and intuitive step-by-step interface.


    Screen Shot

    This is a live screen shot of Resplendent Resolver running on Windows 2000.
    he easy and intuitive step-by-step interface makes it very easy to get incompatible programs to work on Windows XP, 2000 or NT.



    System requirements

    Resplendent Resolver requires Windows XP, 2000 or NT 4.0.

    Click here to Download Resplendent Resolver

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