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ErrorLookup is a command line utility that allows you to lookup Windows error and status codes. ErrorLookup is similar to Microsoft's ERR utility and the NET HELPMSG command.

ErrorLookup currently supports 8038 Win32 error codes, HRESULTs and NTSTATUS codes based on the [MS-ERREF] Open Specifications Documentation.

How to use

Using ErrorLookup is simple. At a command prompt type ErrorLookup followed by your query. Your query can be any decimal or hexadecimal numeric value or text string. ErrorLookup will search for your query in the error database and display matching error codes and descriptions.


ErrorLookup.exe query


ErrorLookup 0xC0000005

will display information about the STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED NTSTATUS code.

ErrorLookup registry

will display information on all error codes that have the word registry in their descriptions.


Latest version: 3.00, released April 2016
Click here to download ErrorLookup.

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