Chessboard Component

for Delphi 2-7 and C++ Builder

The Chessboard Component (15065 bytes)

The Chessboard component v3.03 for Delphi 2-7 and C++ Builder (or v 2.11 for C++ Builder only), is now available. The ChessBoard component provides a 2-Dimensional chessboard with a drag and drop interface that can keep track of a game and allows full customization of the bitmaps for the pieces, squares and border. Optionally the board is resizable at runtime. All common chess events are implemented (OnLegalMove, OnIllegalMove, OnCapture, OnCheck, OnMate, OnStaleMate, OnDraw etc.)

Now the component includes the engine of Tom's Simple Chess Program and calculates using its own thread. Optionally it allows you to use your own custom engine instead as well. Just drop a Chessbrd component on a form and you are very close to a complete multithreaded chess application. A Delphi example project has been included to demonstrate the common features.


The Chessboard Component may be freely used by anyone.

The software contains source code extracted from Tom Kerrigan's Tom's Simple Chess Program which is an interesting approach to a chess engine because of  its romantic style of play and the little code it pertains.

Click here to visit Tom Kerrigan's page


Version history

What was new in v 3.00

What was new in v 3.01

What was new in v 3.02

What's new in v3.03



Latest version: 3.03. 

Click here to download the Chessboard component including source code (437489 bytes)


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