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Feature Comparison Chart

This section compares features of Registrar Registry Manager Professional Edition with Registrar Registry Manager Home Edition and Regedit.


Registrar Professional

Registrar Home Edition


  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Runs on Windows 10 x64 editions
  • Runs on Windows 8
  • Runs on Windows 8 x64 editions
  • Runs on Windows Server 2012
  • Runs on Windows Server 2012 x64 editions
  • Runs on Windows 7
  • Runs on Windows 7 x64 editions
  • Runs on Windows Server 2008
  • Runs on Windows Server 2008 x64 editions
  • Runs on Windows Vista
  • Runs on Windows Vista x64 editions
  • Runs on Windows XP
  • Runs on Windows XP x64 edition
  • Runs on Windows 2003 Server
  • Runs on Windows 2003 Server x64 edition
  • Separate 32-bit and 64-bit editions
    Registry Navigation   
  • Address bar for easy navigation
  • Navigational registry tree displaying registry keys
  • Navigational registry view displaying registry keys
  • Toolbar with back and forward buttons
  • Navigational history lists
  • Allow complete expansion of registry key including all sub branches
  • Navigational display of registry permissions and ownership
  • Open multiple registry views in a document interface
  • Remote registry editing in separate windows
  • Easily navigate between registry windows and tool windows from the main menu
    Registry Editing   
  • Remote Registry Editing
  • Create and delete registry keys and values
  • Rename registry keys and values
  • Copy and move registry keys and values
  • Drag and drop support for moving registry keys and values
  • Clipboard support for cutting copying and pasting registry keys
  • Clipboard support for registry key names
  • Value editor for REG_SZ types
  • Value editor for REG_DWORD types
  • Value editor for REG_MULTI_SZ types
  • Value editor for REG_BINARY types
  • Change registry types of existing values
  • Support for custom registry value types
  • Import and export of registry keys from a file
  • Support for REGEDIT4 REGEDIT5 and registry hive files
  • Import and export registry value data to a file
  • Advanced registry key property pages
  • Display registry key stats including subkeys and amount of data
    Registry Search   
  • Advanced multithreadeed background search
  • View displaying matching registry keys values and data
  • Search registry for text
  • Search registry for binary data
  • Search registry for regular expressions
  • Registry data size filter
  • Registry value type filter
  • Registry last write time filter
  • Replace/rename matching keys values and/or data
  • Delete matching keys values and data
  • Export matching keys values and data as .reg file
  • Export matching keys values and data as text file
    Registry Monitor   
  • Monitor registry activities by the system and external applications
  • Advanced process filtering options
    Registry Backup and Restore   
  • Advanced Registry Backup and Restore functionality
    Multi-Level undo   
  • Keep track of all changes made with the software
  • Allow undo of individual registry changes
  • Support registry key and value bookmarks
  • Add descriptions for keys and vlaues are displayed in all views
  • Add internet links to keys and values which can be easily navigated
  • Standard set of bookmarks adding descriptions for hundreds of registry keys
  • Standard set of tweaks adding thousands of registry configurations
  • Standard description of registry account names
  • Registry Bookmark Manager supporting categories
  • Optional coloring of bookmarked registry keys and values
  • Search through registry bookmarks and their descriptions
    Security Features   
  • Registry key permission editor
  • Registry auditing editor
  • Registry ownership editor
  • Display key security while browsing
  • Optionally edit registry through privileged SYSTEM account
  • Optional tough delete taking far going measures to delete a registry key
    Registry Defragmenter   
  • Defrag your registry for better perforamnce
    CLSID Utility   
  • CLSID utility which allows you to easily navigate CLSIDs
    File Reference Editor   
  • File Reference Editor allowing you to navigate associated files on disk
    Registry Compare   
  • Advanced registry compare utility showing detailed differences
    Shell Options   
  • Supports registry URLS (reg://HKEY..)
  • Supports registry shortcuts
  • Supports registry shell extensions
    Registry File Edting   
  • Support for Registry file editing
  • Editing registry files in a separate window
  • Support for .reg files as well as binary registry hive files
  • Allow repair of registry of a non-running windows installation
    Advanced Options   
  • Include and exclude filters in all registry views
  • Configurable tabbing interface
  • Optional read-only mode
  • Optional Registry key abbreviations in all views
  • Change fonts in registry trees and views
  • Change tooltip behavior
  • Configurable visual elements such as tooltips and grid lines
  • Optionally remember last opened registry key on startup
  • Optionally remember last opened tool windows and registry views on startup
  • Configurable navigational behavior
  • Configurable prompts
  • Configurable data representation

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