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WhySoSlow Beta

WhySoSlow v0.97 Beta is now available.

We have released a beta version of WhySoSlow. The reason we release this as a beta now is to give you an opportunity to provide us with feedback before the final release.

NOTE: This beta release is not suitable for novice users.

What's missing in this beta

The things that are still missing in the beta release are:

  • Report text generated is far from complete
  • Documentation is not yet available
  • Some of the alarm actions that are listed are not available
  • This version will stop working after January 1, 2017


    If you provide us with useful feedback regarding this beta release, you may become eligible for a free license of WhySoSlow Professional, as soon as it's released. To provide us with feedback, please use our contact form.

    NOTE: Please include the contents of the LOG.TXT file which can be found in the installation directory of WhySoSlow.


    You can download the latest version of WhySoSlow Beta from here
    WhySoSlowBeta.exe v 0.97 build 21101, released November 1, 2016.

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